What do we do?

The club primarily shoots .22 inch (small-bore) target rifles at our 25 yard range in Southampton. As a club, we usually shoot prone (lying on the floor on your stomach) but we do have the facilities to accomodate 3P shooters.

In summer, we also shoot small-bore at distances of 50 metres and 100 yards. Thoughout the year, there are trips to the National Shooting Centre in Bisley, Surrey to use the club’s 7.62mm (full-bore) rifles. These can be used at much larger distances of 300 to 1000 yards.

We have an excellent set of club equipment, including a lot of relatively new rifles, which are well cared for by our members. These are bolt-action single shot rifles, where each round is hand loaded into the breech. Most are made by a German company called Anschutz who are renowned worldwide for making superb rifles.

As well as the rifle we use several other pieces of equipment:

  • A tight, stiff leather or canvas jacket helps restrict the movement that occurs in your chest and stomach with each breath. This is very handy since you are lying on your stomach. The elbows of the jacket also have grippy pads on them to help hold your elbows in place on the mat.
  • A mat provides a soft surface to lie on. It also has a grippy segment on the top quarter which works with the grippy pads on your elbows to hold your position.
  • Ear defenders – obviously an important piece of equipment.
  • A glove cushions the rifle on your hand.
  • A sling wraps around your supporting arm and carries some of the weight of the rifle.
  • A spotting scope lets you see where your shots went.