Range Times

For the 2016-2017 academic year, we are trialling a two-week timetable for range opening during term time that is based on the University week numbering system.  For a calendar of week numbers, see http://www.southampton.ac.uk/studentadmin/about-saa/index.page (click on week pattern calendar under useful downloads).

This will look something like the timetable shown below, but keep an eye out for any emails telling you about closures for matches, etc.  Outside of term time, opening will be sporadic and by prior arrangement only.

This timetable does not apply during the first few weeks after the bunfight, in order to allow more guest sessions to take place.

On Thursday evenings, we offer training programmes aimed at either Novices, Intermediate Shooters, or Advanced Shooters.  You will be told which sessions to attend.  For more information about the coaching that we offer, see the Coaching page.

For the current week number: What week is it?

Odd Weeks:

Tuesday 7pm-10pm  – Match Cards

Wednesday 2pm-5pm – Novice Coaching

Thursday 7pm-10pm – Training

Even Weeks:

Wednesday 7pm-10pm – Match Cards

Thursday 7pm-10pm – Training

Saturday 10am-2pm – Novice Coaching